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Some useful tips that can give you an easier approach to better meditation

Some basic Kundalini tips:-

1] Dont do meditation when very hungry or immediately after food.

2] Dont do meditation when you are in a negative state of might intensify the negative feelings more.

3] Doing meditation when you are relaxed and in a positive state of mind will yield maximum benefits.

4] Don't do visualisation techniques when doing meditation. The purpose of Kundalini meditation is to increase the vibratory rate of the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Visualisation can be done immediately after meditation when both the right and left hemispheres are in perfect alignment which will happen immediately after meditation.

5] Keeping the stomach light and not overloading with unnecessary food will be an advantage.

6] You might find light coloured clothings to be more comfortable. and most important of all , always touch the roof of he mouth with the tip of your tongue during meditation.


Observe Kundalini Day once in a month

I would like to propose for all disciples to have or observe a 'Kundalini Day' once in a month. To do this you pick one day in a month where you will be totally free. Then from morning to night concentrate on the 3rd eye area most of the time together with 5 times meditation evenly paced out. Do this consistently and you will have a quantum leap in your Kundalini practices. Duration of meditation should be between 15--30 minutes. 

Words of Wisdom from Mahan

Words of Wisdom from His Holiness Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan spoken on 2nd May 1980 during his birthday function......"After me there will be people coming from India to Malaysia to talk about my Kundalini practice. Be very very alert and careful with these people"

The greatest obstacle to spiritual growth is the EGO

Whenever anyone with a problem approach our satguru GP Mahan, always the solution would be 'place your thought on your 3rd eye' that is what Mahan would tell everyone and miraclously the problem would get solved. This technique works if you are sincere and faithful in your practice and without Ego. Sometimes what happens will be if you have a bit of Ego, the 3rd eye will let you handle your problems yourself without any help from it. So be humble-sincere-faithful and achieve miracles. Santhosam. 

Tip to rejuvenate your 3rd Eye

Tip to rejuvenate your 3rd eye. Get a handful of garden roses [not the ones you buy from a florist] and put them in canister with boiling or very hot water. Cover them up for 1/2 hour and after they are cooled, strain them and keep them in a clean bottle. Everyday in the morning dap some with your fore-finger and place them on your 3rd.eye. Try it. Santhosham. 

Tapping the Top Eye for successful deal

Santhosham to all Kundalini practictioners. Look intently at your forehead in a clean mirror. Tap your top-eye 3 to 7 times and mentally visualize what you need to happen that day (eg.successful business deal or any other thing). No need to believe, just do it. 

Meditate regularly in order to live a healthy life

Kundalini Yoga must be practised everyday at least once a day if you cant practice for 2 or 3 times. There are some disciples with 10 -20 years experience and some will meditate seriously one day and for 3 or 4 days forget about meditation and like this time will fly. Its like having your lunch or dinner -you have to take it everyday. When you are in this meditation you must always ask questions to yourself and to others as to the nature of things. Do not take things for granted. There are a lot of 21st. century dinosaurs out there to devour you. Common sense will be your most powerful ally. Santhosham.

Always practice meditation sincerily, faithfully & humbly

Some advice for Kundalini Yoga Practioners : There are some who will have a little bit of experiences with the practice of Kundalini and the next day they are the expert and if anyone poses a question to them they will answer with what they know and if they dont know they will still answer with some wrong information. This is a dangerous trend which is happening right now all over Malaysia. This is like holding on to a hungry tigers tail. You cant play play with Kundalini. So many people have been hurt ignoring this advice. Practice Kundalini sincerely, faithfully and humbly and you are safe and will reap the dividends.

Mahan's Kundalini can be likened to a Rocket

During the 70's there was a Yogi expert popularly known as Sando. He earns a living performing stunts like lifting weights with his teeth, pulling a car with hair and many more other stunts. This Sando was very angry with Mahan because Mahan was teaching Kundalini the easy way and that cannot be. At that time Mahan happened to be in Singapore. So Sando went to Singapore to question Mahan. Mahan answered by saying that thousands of years ago people travelled long distances by walking or by horses. Nowadays we have cars and aeroplanes. Similarly Kundalini Yoga taught those days was like using horses or walking. But Mahans Kundalini is like the aeroplane or rocket method.This Sando was humbled by Mahans explanation and then took the initiation .

Always appreciate your food

A lit bit of personall info about Mahan. He takes one good main meal everyday at about 1.30pm [usually beryani rice] everyday. He takes headbath every wednesday and dries the hair with fragrant frankincense[sambrani]. He always encourages people to do business in used products like scrap metal-used newspapers, used bottles etc. He is a great exponent of farming and agriculture and he holds farmers in high esteem. He always advises people never never to waste food. Mahan loves to eat food hot. I myself only came to enjoy and appreciate food only after eating with him on numerous occasions. Santhosham.

An opportunity that shouldn't be missed

In 1977, one Guru from KL wanted to visit Mahan in Chennai and at the same time visit his relatives.This Guru informed Mahan about the visit and Mahan said he will wait for this Guru as Mahan was about to start his visit to other centres in India.This Guru when he landed in India straight went to visit his relatives instead of going to see Mahan. Mahan waited for some time and since the Guru did not come in time, he started on his journey. It was a real pity because if this Guru had gone in time and seen Mahan he would have received some special blessings. 

(Note: The name of this Guru cannot be mentioned for obvious reasons)

Unexpected help from Mahan during financial mishap

In 1981 Feb I was supposed to get married. Just before the marriage in Dec 1980,  i was having a bit of financial difficulties for the marriage. I sent a letter to Mahan informing regarding this problem. About 10 days later i received a reply from Mahan with his blessings consoling me with these words in Tamil 'whatever you need you will get in time'. I was indeed happy with this blessing. Coincidently the next day a lady staying in the neighbourhood heard of my predicament and gave me a loan of RM 3000 wrapped in an old tamil newspaper. I gratefully accepted the loan and went home. I opened the bundle to count the money and surprise of surprises there was Mahans picture in the newspaper.

The appearance of an infamous Bomoh

Once in 1976 a group of us were conversing with Mahan in the hall of the Sabhai in Klang road. Suddenly Mahan went to his room and slammed the door which jolted all us. We wondering why this reaction from Mahan when suddenly a infamous 'Bomoh'[magician] made his appearance there and said he wanted to meet Mahan. I went to Mahans room to inform of this person. Mahan asked to bring him in. After about 15 minutes or so the guy left. Then a month later we received info that this magician has been murdered and both his wisdom tooth has been roughly extracted. Mahan has sensed some negativity and to difuse it he slammed the door. Mahan's technique of equalizing negative situation.

Proper Timing Is Everything

Once in 1978 in Kuala Lumpur Sabhai, we were about to celebrate a certain function [forgot what function it was] when there was a very heavy rain. We were not sure how people will turn up. After sometimes the rain stopped. As i was the only one with Mahan at that time i decided to arrange the chairs outside. Mahan stopped me and asked me to wait for a while. I was a bit puzzled as it was already late. After about 15 or 20 minutes, Mahan then told me to go ahead and arrange the chairs. I did that and exactly after i had arranged the last chair one disciple arrived then another and soon the whole area was filled up with disciples and other people.Then i understood how Mahan worked with the Cosmic Intelligence for the correct timing to do things.

An unforgettable lunch with Mahan

In 1978, I and another disciple were at the Singapore Sabhai and at about 1.30pm together with Mahan sat on the floor for a Nasi-Briyani lunch. Half-way thru the lunch Mahan took some rice from his banana leaf and placed in my leaf. It was blessed and i was happy and i was thinking Mahan would also place some blessed rice on the other disciples leaf. But nothing happened and i was feeling a bit uncomfortable as the other disciple was waiting in anticipation for the rice from Mahan. It was only towards the end of the lunch and to my relief some rice was given to the other disciple. Don't know what the other disciples thoughts were at that moment which may have caused the delay. 

A morning breakfast with Mahan

In 1976, i was staying with Mahan at Upper Serangoon Road,Singapore Sabhai. I woke up late one morning and Mahan told me to quickly brush my teeth to take breakfast. Mahan himself prepared 2 half-boiled eggs and gave it to me. I took the eggs and was enjoying spoon by spoon when Mahan told me 'QUICK QUICK EAT ALL OF IT IN ONE GO' in Tamil. Surprised by his outburst i quickly consumed the eggs. To this day i am still wondering whether he wanted me to eat the eggs while still hot or a particular blessing was there at that moment.

The power of Mahan's Command.

Once in 1980, when Mahan was in Malaysia, one of my auntys came to the Klang Road Sabhai to see Mahan. One look at her and Mahan asked if she was a money lender. My aunty replied yes and and said one guy had borrowed a large amount of money and and have gone missing. Mahan immediately said 'He Will Come' in Tamil and sent my aunty away in a happy manner. The next day quite early in the morning my aunty was rudely awakened by a loud knocking on the door. She half asleep went and opened the door and surprise of surprises there was this guy who borrowed the money. He apologised for lateness and returned a certain amount of money and promised to return the remaining money shortly, which he did after about 2 months. Such is the power of Mahan's Command. 

Always take heed of good advice

During the 70's, Mahan had a dog which he named Carter. Carter was a smart dog which always listens and obeys Mahans commands. Once Mahan had to go outstation. Mahan specifically told Carter not to venture behind the house where the toilets were as they were located near a heavily dense bushy area. Carter apparently did not heed the advice and was bitten by a cobra and died. This event took place in Tiruvanjuli, India. 

A different way of getting blessings from Mahan

Once in the Sabhai while Mahan was giving a speech, i noticed one man staring intently at Mahan for quite sometime. I was curious and kept observing him. After Mahan had concluded his speech this man went to Mahan, took Mahans feet and placed it on his head. He wanted Mahans blessings in this way. This man was none other than Malaysia Vasudevans brother. He also sang a very moving and wonderful poem about Mahan. We still have the recordings.

An Amusing Incident with a well known Dentist in Jalan Ipoh.

Once in 1979, when in Malaysia, Mahan had a very severe tooth-ache and needed extraction of a tooth. After some coaxing we took him to a well known Dentist in Jalan Ipoh. When Mahan sat in the Dentist chair, Mahan put his fingers in his mouth and himself pulled out the decayed tooth. It was a hilarious moment for all of us then.The Dentist amused with the whole incident then appled some antiseptic and did not charge anything at all. Mahan then autographed a copy of  I-GOD and presented it to the Dentist.

A powerful command for disease management

Once Mahan was having constipation for a few days. Mahan usually consume a lot of prunes but this time he became constipated. I asked Mahan if i can get him some medicine. Mahan replied vehemently in Tamil ' No No I want to see whether it's my stomach or me - I want my stomach to obey me". Later after sometime Mahans stomach was back to normal without any medicine.

Everyone should live with happiness

Mahan is very tactful in his dealings with people one of which i will share now. In the year 1977, one afternoon, only me and Mahan were in the Sabhai when 2 cars with about 7 or 8 people arrived. After the normal formalities [such as dakshina and blessings] they showed a photo of their daughter who had apparently eloped with her boyfriend after the parents refused their love affair. They actually wanted Mahan to do something to bring back their daughter. Mahan saw the photo and after sometimes told them in Tamil something like this....'She must live happily and you all must also live happily so let it be as it is now'. The people then left a lit bit relieved.

The Power of Kundalini at Work

Once in 1980 some of us committee members were going out for lunch with Mahan. It was an extremely hot day and all of us were sweating away and feeling very uncomfortable except for Mahan who was looking fresh and cool. Mahan smiled at us and said his head is very cool as though it is in a fridge.This is the power of Kundalini at work. 

Expensive Kurta Presented to Mahan

Once someone presented an expensive kurta [favourite shirt of indians during religious functions] to Mahan. There was some pattern in the kurta and Mahan refused to wear the kurta. Mahan does not wear any dhotis or kurtas which has any kind of patterns. Since Mahan has rejected the kurta and since it was a expensive we didnt want to waste it, so we decided to present it to our Sabhai President but for for some strange reason he couldnt wear it.Then we decided to give it to the secretary and he too couldnt wear it.Then it was handed to me and i too just couldnt wear it. I think the subconscious mind delibrately put up a barrier. We just couldnt handle anything rejected by Mahan.

GP Mahan's favorite Fruit

GPMahan just loves durians. Whenever in Malaysia and during the season our Sabhai members together with Mahan will have numerous durian feasts. If MAHAN is in India and during the durian season we will roast some durians and wrap it up in aluminium foil and pass it to anyone who is going to visit Mahan. 

GPMahan also loves perfumes and his favourite being Chanel 5.

An interesting incident with G.P MAHAN

An interesting incident with MAHAN in 1980 during his last year in Malaysia. As i was the treasurer, i collected some donations for MAHAN on 2nd May 1980. I went and gave MAHAN the total amount collected together with a list of the names of the donors. His Holiness took the money with the list and in front of my face tore the donor list. As i was a bit surprised MAHAN then explained that any help rendered to the Guru or Sabhai is not deemed as a debt and will have its own rewards and not necessary for the Guru to know who has done what.

The Power of Top-Eye & Third Eye Chakra

The Top-Eye which is situated in the middle and top of the head is where one receives thought vibrations as in telepathy and also from the Cosmic Consciousness .The third eye situated between the middle of the eye-brows is where one sends out thoughts. Those who have their third eye opened will find these centres functioning easily. Santhosham !

Nokku Varma Kalai (Mesmerism)

A man can convey his desire to others in his front by a gesture through his eyes...
GP MAHAN [chapter 86 I-God on Eyes].....Mahans version of Varma Kalai.

Nokku Varma Kalai is an ancient secret mesmerism technique used in south India. Basically it is a form of hypnosis using the eyes. Not everyone can practise this technique. Those practising Kundalini Yoga can easily master this technique. We are pleased to announce this special Nokku Varma Technique [modified version] together with Kundalini Yoga advanced technique will be taught to selected Kundalini Yoga followers in the upcoming Kundalini Workshop in Kuala Lumpur.Those wishing to to join in must be already initiated in Kundalini Yoga. Early registration is a must .Pls email for further detailed info. Santhosham !

Welcome to the 21st century

Thousands of years ago spiritual secrets were taught to disciples in remote caves and deep in jungle areas but nowadays same secrets are taught very comfortably in air-conrditioned rooms in good hotels. Those days to communicate with the Guru one has to travel hundreds or thousands of miles but now we have cell-phones and sms .Those days Gurus contacted disciples thru telepathy but cell-phone makes it easier. Welcome to the 21st century where everything is possible.

Cure for Anemia

GP Mahan's technique for curing Anemia and for purity of the blood.

1] Boil 20 small onions with 10 cumin seeds[seergam] and a handful of dhall [tour dhall or the smaller ones] and making it like soup,1 cup should be drunk in the morning in empty stomach.Those who are unmarried should not drink for more than a week. By this blackness in the nails will be removed. When the blood increases there will be vigour and vitality also. Anemia will disappear. Married persons can take for twenty days.

2] Twelve small onions if peeled off, and immediately after bath and before drying the hair is taken in, the bad blood in the body will disappear and good blood will take its place. If taken like this for 10 days, good will ensue.


GP Mahan's Kundalini Yoga Initiation

There are all kinds of Kundalini Yoga practices.The most safest and easiest one would be GP Mahan's Kundalini Yoga. Pls ensure that you get initiated in this practice from any Guru who follows Mahans teachings seriously.There can be no greater rewards than getting properly initiated.This practice will fulfill all your aspirations and goals. Santhosham !

Ego- An Obstacle In Spiritual Growth

Sometimes some people with a little bit of knowledge of Kundalini will behave as though they are fully self-realized.This will cause untold miseries and trouble to the people. In the end they will even loose what knowledge they had earlier. Solution: Be humble--lower your ego-do good whenever you can and of course practise your meditation faithfully..THE MYSTIC

Those who are practising GP Mahans Kundalini Yoga towards Self-Realisation may find sometimes blocks or impediments in their practice.This is usually because of some negative traits in their personality.EGO is one of the main culprits delaying your journey towards Self-Realisation. You must first of all realise that your EGO is responsible and then eradicate it completely in whatever way you can.If you can do that the journey towards Self-Realisation will be much easier and filled with rewards.

We are what we think we are

Everyone must be like a Quality Control Inspector as pertaining to your thoughts. Whenever a negative thought makes its appearance you must immediately counteract with a positive thought. If you do this constantly and always on guard you will be pleasantly amazed with the good fortune that will be following always.

Improving finance

A simple tip to improve your Finances. Whenever you give out any money, give out with your right hand and with awareness in the forehead eye, mentally say what you are giving now will come back a thousandfold. You may not become rich but at least money will be coming in.Very easy to follow but you have to do it constantly to see results.

The Power of Positive Thinking

One of GP Mahan's famous quotes is "Whatever that has happened is for greater good". Its interpretation would be if afflicted with sorrows or unfortunate events, try to maintain a very positive mind in spite of the present situation and because of this positiveness the near future will manifest itself with good happenings. 

The Power of Forgiveness

Tonight while you are about to sleep, place your right hand over your heart and think of an enemy [if you think you have one] or someone whom you really despise or hate. Now try to really forgive this person and really mean it--it might be tough if the person has hurt you considerably but nevertheless try to make a huge effort.Do it everyday untill you are sure you have really forgived this person. You will be pleasantly surprised at what this can do for your spiritual and material life.

Practice Control Over Your Thoughts

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way. Likewise, practice Kundalini Meditation only with good thought. 

Meditation for Youthfulness & Anti aging success

There are many anti-aging benefits associated with Kundalini Yoga. People, who constantly practice Kundalini Yoga, have found immense benefits from it and feel better than what they felt in their younger years. To get the most out of it, begin a regular Kundalini yoga routine early and maintain it throughout life.



I went all the way to Rishikesh in the Himalayan region in India to learn about meditation but returned home disappointed. Then, literally in my own backyard, I chanced upon what I feel is the perfect meditation practice – GP Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga.

Not only do I have less stress now, I’ve also been able to find answers to questions that I’ve been asking myself for many years about our universe and life. This is the meditation practice for me and I’ve stopped seeking.

I think this is probably the only meditation practice where one can actually feel the energy within because, during meditation, the Kundalini energy exerts its pressure on the forehead and the crest of the head. The sensation is very pleasant.


I was like a headless chicken with no sense of direction prior to being initiated into this meditation practice. I had no clear idea of what I wanted to achieve in my life.

Today, I’m a very focused and confident person. I know what I want in my life and I’m convinced I can achieve whatever goals I set for myself. 

I’ve also become more patient now and find it easier to control my anger and I’m happy to report that I’ve become a better husband and father.


I’ve undergone a total transformation, I must say. My mind is free from superstitious beliefs and limiting thoughts that prevented me from realising my full potential.

I have the confidence to face challenges that come my way and my business has improved. I find things falling smoothly into place for me. I’ve also become more spiritual.

I used to be a heavy drinker but after taking up this meditation, I feel uncomfortable when I drink. I used to drink to feel good but, these days, meditation makes me feel good!

I also used to have a lot of questions about God and universal truths and I’m happy that these things have become clearer to me, thanks to this meditation.

Well, I think only a few will be able to realise the real value of Kundalini Yoga and I sure am delighted that I’m among the lucky few.


What struck me most was that I effortlessly dispelled from my mind superstitious beliefs and practices that didn’t serve me at all.

The overall quality of my life improved. I’ve also become more tolerant, especially at my place of work. Previously, petty issues at work used to bother me a lot but now I’ve risen above such things and prefer to focus my attention on important things like becoming a better wife and mother and achieving my goals.

I must also say that my family life has become more harmonious after taking up this meditation practice.


I was into drinking and smoking and, much as I tried, I could not give up these habits. Much to my surprise, I was able to kick the drinking and smoking habit the moment I was initiated into G.P. Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga (Human Biological Rejuvenation).

Kundalini meditation has given me the strength to identify my self-worthiness and it has shown me a glimpse into the life beyond the material life I’m leading now.

But the beauty of this meditation is that it enables me to maintain my healthy active material life.  This practice also helps to keep my mind in the present all the time.


Ever since I started practising G.P. Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga (Human Biological Rejuvenation), I have become very confident about life and have no worries about what the future holds for me.

Problems do come and go, but I’m able to handle them well. Life is sailing smoothly for me and I’m a happier person now.

I have also noticed that since I started practising this meditation, my relationship with my superiors at work has improved and they treat me with respect.

I also enjoy better self-awareness and no words can describe the way I feel about knowing so much more about myself and the universe I’m part of.


Prior to my initiation into G.P. Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga (Human Biological Rejuvenation), I was muddled and confused about my future. Somehow this meditation has made so many things clear to me, and now I know what I want to do with my life.

I’ve also become more mature in my thinking and have overcome the many fears I used to have, one of which was the fear of walking alone outdoors.

I am much happier and feel contented now, too.


Following my husband’s sudden death in 2006, I became very depressed and, at one stage, I was on the brink of killing myself and my only child.

Fortunately, I was introduced to G.P. Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga (Human Biological Rejuvenation) which changed the course of my life.

I overcame my depression and, today, I’m a very independent woman who can make my own decisions and bring up my daughter confidently.

This is one meditation I would want to practise for the rest of my life.


Practising G.P. Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga (Human Biological Rejuvenation) has brought a tangible clarity to my business and personal life.

The meditation brings inner peace, clears the mental clutter and brings focus to my life. I have also found that it heightens feelings of future outcomes (intuition).

Sunday evening (group) meditation is particularly rewarding.


I thank you, Guru Sitarasu, for the amazing initiation into G.P. Mahan’s Kundalini Yoga (Human Biological Rejuvenation).

Since the initiation, I have experienced an amazing shift of consciousness, of unity with myself and others.

It's difficult to find words to explain the emotions and feelings that are not of this world. I am so grateful to you for the gift I have received.

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